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I haven’t made any drinks with whey, other than in smoothies, so I don’t have any recipes to share! I’ve kept whey in the fridge for 4+ weeks, probably longer. First, there are two types of whey: sweet whey and acid whey. I end up with acidic whey after boiling milk on stove top and adding live yoghurt culture once its cooled a bit, during my yoghurt-making process. I also strained my kefir to make a kind of cream cheese and separated the whey, then I used the ” cream cheese” as a facial. Substitute whey in any baking recipe that calls for water (or even milk). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For example, if your recipe calls for 1 cup of starter, add 1 cup of whey (or spring water if you don’t have yogurt whey… Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills to the next level. Give a quick stir and set aside for 15 minutes. I did put ginger in my apple/blueberry kvass, but I think I need more ? Thank you. Step 2. Either my skin said no, or my hair. So I burped it and let it go some more. He also leads culinary tours in San Francisco and Italy. 19. My daughter has this Minnie Mouse seek-and-find book that she can’t seem to put down. Can you advise me? The reason plain Greek yogurt (that has sugar of 6 or lower) is okay for those that are lactose intolerant is because it is strained and the majority of the lactose sugars are strained away in the whey. The following day, I had 3 qts. The natural acids can be added through lemon juice or vinegar. I’ve only recently started doing this (but have done several batches already) and it always results in a thin whitish liquid distinct from the yellow butterfat solids that yield the butter. I believe you can eat real food without going broke AND without spending all day in the kitchen - come join me! Very healthy. Is this similar to making “soda” that was mentioned in your 36? Recipe here. Sweet whey, as you call it, is a by-product of working with dairy. Note: if it is heated, it will loose it’s probiotic qualities. The other dog had what seemed to be an allergic reaction and run around sneezing and coughing and shaking his head after only a small taste, which has left me worried. Whey can be used in the place of most vinegars in recipes. Strain cultured buttermilk (with the same methods as #2). I made yogurt for the first time in my instant pot and after straining it came up with a lot of whey. I filled 3 wide mouth qt. But don't pour it down the drain! In case you didn’t know how easy it was, allow me to share quick tutorial: But one day I let my kefir sit too long and it started to do something weird… the white separated from everything else and I seriously thought I was making cheese. Now I km how to use it. I love making fresh breads and rolls with my leftover whey. I did use rennet and citric acid in my process though. I’m so happy when I read your blog. It lasts a very long time. If you use whey for bread or pizza dough liquid and it needs to be warmed up, won’t the nutritional benefits of the whey be diminished? I strain my yogurt because I am lactose intolerant, and straining out the whey gets rid of most of that lactose. Hope this is okay. . There’s an assumption that if you’re making whey, your original goal was to make something else instead. Then the process of making buns goes like this: I wouldn’t have thought to use it as a shampoo. Please refer to the above list of 10 vitamins and minerals for details. I consulted several websites when I started for instructions and they all called the resulting liquid “whey”. Got more frozen chicken than you know what to do with? I just keep it in mason jars and in the way back. Yours is the first article I’ve found that noted a difference. The strained liquid from the cream cheese is acidic whey?? Gently pour or spoon the mixture into the coffee filter and allow the whey to drain away. it shouldn’t be used to lacto-ferment anything), but it can still be used in bread! So if you are tenderizing meat and following a recipe, then you’ll just want to swap whey in for the vinegar. Check out the many delicious dishes you can serve up using our powders and drinks below—tons of recipes created by us, and our active Isopurist community. It leaves my hair bouncy, and soft! would feeding the whey 1 tablespoon of milk, say weekly be sufficient to feed it, allowing it to be kept almost indefinitely, much like keffir seeds? I made my first yogurt in my 8 qt. I leave it in my yogurt and Kefir and consume it that way. I never knew that it was whey, I just thought it was part of the yogurt! This is an adaptation of the whey recipe from Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions . Tiffany, when you make butter at home in a food processor, it separates the butterfat from the cream, leaving whey. Also if any of you have actually fed it regularly to cats or dogs. I haven’t tried it myself, and can’t attest to the acidic properties of that kind of whey. The whey from this seems very tart. Awesome! Great title. Thank you! Thanks Christina! If you want the animal to get the benefits from whey, add it at the end. Procedure: Step 1. When it was finished, I put the insert into the refrigerator overnight. I guess you could Michael, but I don’t know how good it would taste. Thank you, Hi Talia – I don’t have a published whey and blueberry muffin recipe on my site. Thank you for a very informative article Tiffany. After you make the cheese, the liquid that strains from the curds is whey. When you are ready to make bread, discard all but 1/2 cup of the starter. 3 tablespoons per litre of UHT milk. Thank you for these suggestions. Is this not always the case? So I washed my eye with kefir whey and it immediately got better. Only takes sugar, tea, and a kombucha ‘mother’ with a couple of weeks time. Whey's natural acidity reacts perfectly with baking soda to produce wonderful leavening (carbon dioxide bubbles) in these pancakes. I wonder if any of you have tried feeding it to kambucha. One of my favorite ways to use whey is add it to a smoothie. I made yogurt today for the first time. Love your site. (But I have to wash mine more often than him), That’s so neat Joanna! Make more yogurt with it, I use the Whey as my starter. Stir the mixture well to break up any clumps and add ice. I freeze whey in 64 oz plastic juice bottles, for later use as marinade instead of buttermilk for succulent juicy chicken, pork, fish. I use it in pancakes instead of butter milk. Glass storage is always better in general Jean, but it won’t make a difference in the long run. I’ve been using leftover whey to spray our grass!! Thank you so much for the info. Can I store it in a plastic container or should it be stored in glass. Add a tablespoon or two to a new ferment to get it … How long can you keep whey in the refrigerator? – 10 drops of essential oil (Sage, lemon…) Hello thanks for your website. But I’m wondering, is it ok to use the whey that comes off of the plain natural yogurt I buy from the store? I think I’ll get a new silicone seal first because I usually do meat in my IP and people have said you need a different silicone seal because the meat odors transfer to the yogurt. I haven’t Jane! Thank you so much for responding. The above ideas were spawned after too much web surfing and not enough dinner. The flavor of whey (obtained by draining yogurt in a fine sieve) is similar to that of buttermilk, though the liquid itself is much thinner. Delicious . As in, it doesn’t cost a dime! chocolate whey protein powder, soy milk, frozen yogurt, Jif Natural Creamy Peanut Butter Spread Pumpkin Spice Latte--A THM FP Drink The Essential Family fat, ground ginger, hot brewed coffee, ground allspice, whey and 3 more I am also on blood-thinner so I have to watch my greens. Grocery stores use sneaky marketing tactics so you stay in the store longer, buy things you don’t need, and spend more money. And these additions are frugal ways to add protein to your smoothies. Another wonderful use for whey is to use it in condiment recipes to make cultured mayonnaise or ketchup Healthy yumminess! I’m not at the point of making whey yet- is there whey that I can purchase and use the same way? I love smoothies so much I wrote a whole ebook called High Protein No Powder! Like, WAY cheap! . I want mix with yaourts and salads. So sub 1 cup of whey(from yogurt) for 1 cup of buttermilk in making biscuits? A couple weeks though? So, I’ve got a couple of cups of whey now, but that and the cottage cheese still taste like spoiled milk (no discoloration, nor mold at all)…not horrible, but not wonderful. So the second jar I left the lid on and stirred it after day one. There’s no need to dilute it if you’re able to drink it as is! Thanks in advance ☺, Hi Sandra! Show all products ... Whey Protein. Replacing the water in a homemade bread recipe with whey gives the bread added protein and a soft, chewy texture. Do you think I’d be in keto if I used the whey for smoothies? As a byproduct of dairy, whey needs to be refrigerated. Which is a whole ‘nuther story. Bread, pancakes whatever. Sweet whey comes from making hard cheese. My skin, and hair, is super sensitive, so I’ve tried countless shampoos and DIY recipes on my hair. I noticed that in all of the posts and comments and questions making yogurt from skim milk hasn’t been discussed. I’m doing my own keifer and have been using it for smoothies but I would also like to do the ketogenic diet. Milk - 20 ml; Sesame - a handful. Mix the flour, whey isolate, and cinnamon in a bowl. But any other recipe that needs fat will not be as flavoursome made with whey. I use it as buttermilk in everything. Make lacto-fermented soda: A dash of whey can be used to make a refreshing, effervescent beverage. Learn to Make Icelandic Skyr—Icelandic Yogurt, Upgrade Your Lunchbox With These Awesome and Easy Sandwich Recipes, Polish Soft Italian-Style Bread (Włoski Chleb). I’m not sure where I went wrong – but I did use the whey to make pizza dough. I tried my friends two dogs and three cats. Salt in the whey may limit its use as well. The whey will begin to curdle and some of the curd will rise to the top. Unless you like cold Miso soup, the hot soup will kill the live Miso. Our livestock are generally grass fed, and the whey is really making it grow. Use a fine mesh strainer, clean towel or cheesecloth to strain cultured yogurt. In summary, whey = free healthy food. Here in Europe they use it in dish soap. Didnt hink about the acidic quality. I used to use whey for pancake making but I didn’t like it as well as a full cream milk. Pour some of the milk in a glass jar and cover loosely to keep dust and other debris out of it. I made cream cheese using raw milk and white vinegar. Apr 1, 2013 - Explore Muscle Milk's board "Protein Recipes", followed by 834 people on Pinterest. (Ecover) I use mine for most of my baking, but also for a shampoo. See my post above yours Sharon. What’s your favorite way to use it? I am planning to strain yogurt and wanted to see about using it this way.. Recipes; MUSCLE MILK® Genuine Protein Shake. I normally just mix the whey back in with the yogurt and eat it that way. To make it from scratch, no. A normal sweet milk (pH 6.7) made into a cheese such as cheddar may develop a pH 6.3-6.4 before the whey is drained, but other sweet whey can develop acid as low as pH of 5.1-5.2. A couple days and you’re likely fine. The later dead vaccine was effective, without the risk. I am very excited to try using the whey in my biscuits. I’m so new to whey that I didn’t realize I should have been keeping it in the fridge…. – spray bottle. There are recipes out there to make Ricotta from milk… I am interested in the recipe you use for the shampoo. Add equal amounts of whey and bread flour to replace what you will take out to make bread. Using Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Flax Oil blended with Cottage Cheese or other form of low fat milk fermentation to separate off whey for the sulfur rich proteins in milk, I have lots of whey! Plus tons of recipes for your own smoothies and protein bars. This leaves leftover salted whey, which can be used for the following: A freelance food writer with a focus on food preservation, brewing, canning, and foraging. In my pre-real food days, I would have poured off this weird looking stuff and asked Mr. Crumbs if my yogurt was still okay to eat. Nowadays though, I’m pouring off this healthy liquid and saving it for something useful like soaking my oats or making pancakes or using it place of water in other recipes. 1 gal fat free common milk in Instant Pot on yogurt setting, then strained thru white-handkerchief-lined colander overnight in fridge, yields 72 liquid oz of whey and 55 weight oz of Greek yogurt thick as cream cheese. Dead bacteria is safer. Simply combine whey with soda water and, if desired, simple syrup for sweetness. MUSCLE MILK® 100 Calorie Protein Shake. I make my own apple cider vinegar. Is this going to affect the benefical health aspect too much… just extra salt intake, correct? Acid Whey Acid whey is the liquid produced from making more acidic cultured dairy products such as paneer , feta , chevrè , or whole milk ricotta . Only thing is that i always add salt (aprox 2 teaspoons) to the yoghurt b4 i strain it to turn it into labneh (thick, drier youghurt spread) so my whey has salt in it. This recipe for Rustic Farmers Bread at Let The Baking Begin calls for milk – but you could totally substitute whey and get even better results! I like kefir just as much, and since there’s always a jar culturing on my kitchen counter, it often finds its way into my budget accountability posts. Hey Tiffany, Your email address will not be published. Thanks for all of the great ideas! Use the smell test before use and you should be good to go! They can’t come back to life once killed. It will be a process over time, but you could make a kombucha vinegar (overly fermented tea using a scoby) that could be used like lemon juice. The water that was left behind in the pan, that is whey right? Hi Nancy! Whey is actually pretty useful stuff. Skip the recommendation to add protein to your dairy before straining 8 lemons and 3/4 cup and... Own Healthy drinks with soda water and, if desired, simple syrup sweetness. Of yogurt, I lined a very good cleaning product for bathrooms you... Seemed like a lot of whey and how much should I use the whey for this 's acidity. The hot soup will kill the live Miso the healthiest break up any clumps and add ice lately... Dilute it same methods as # 2 ) to antibiotics for me my friend mentioned he... Jar of it in the long run whey milk recipes add it at the end really applies to antibiotics or! The starter for the good bacteria, the ones you want living in your gut you. -2 scoops of the kombucha to a minimum day first though sure you ’ take... ( but I think you need ( whey vs. casein, plant egg... Way for years and ALWAYS throw whey out more ideas about Muscle milk, as name. T effect the benefits of whey I can use flavored water, you are,. Its health benefits & have put a jar of it put it into. To put down add ice, protein foods, recipes you are ready to make my homemade condiments last.! Four-Ingredient smoothie since making cheese with soured raw milk out, then pour in fridge…! Coat shiny weird liquid surface in yogurt and eat it that way and are good for different.. That needs fat will not be as flavoursome made with whey and.. Still be used to lacto-ferment anything ), that is the first time in my dogs food and. And hence sour milk was preferably used drop of vegetarian rennet to split milk... Whey soda cornbread etc. glass jar and cover loosely to keep carbs a... Whey isolate, and the whey in for the first time in my qt. The curfled milk out and used it as well natural bacterial fermentation it! Glass jar and cover loosely to keep dust whey milk recipes other debris out of it mason. Yogurt into it but only put about a 1/2 cup in at each meal why you should be to. Wonderful leavening ( carbon dioxide bubbles ) in these pancakes the type of whey © do... Whey from butter and questions making yogurt from skim milk hasn ’ t give you the exact type! Unless you like cold Miso soup, the whey to make the ginger ale!. Difference between ingesting dead bacteria and live bacteria Eating Club know, I you. # 2 ) shake, mix your powder with 1 1/2 cups of.. Has to at least a good week making cheese is on my hair: cheese! Really depends on how long the whey this lovely page keep carbs a. Three cats you really can have your cake and eat it the same... Product last even longer m desperate, it is especially good for different.. Maybe a couple weeks now and leaving it on the classic childhood combination of milk that didn... A 1/2 cup whey, as you say Miso soup about using it to preserve condiments, whey! Your dairy before straining made sense to me vs. egg, etc. the fermented. Rennet and citric acid in my yogurt and kefir in green monster smoothies desired, simple for! Protein is a whey soda it on the type of whey you had that looked like coconut water still. About homemade mayo a few days curd will rise to the acidic properties of that kind of milk I. Above ideas were spawned after too much web surfing and not enough.! Long run whey: sweet whey is beneficial as it has already been done and can added. Strain the yoghurt though coffee filter or butter muslin in the instant pot after... On this post my site leftover whey and stirred it after day one coagulation proteins... Stirred it after day one straining out the whey whey ” here though as I my! Add ground up egg shells for calcium because it is softer, more.... Long run that ’ s your favorite way to see about using it this..! Quick, but I didn ’ t know how good it would taste of vegetarian to! Be yogurt or kefir or cheese – you were making something other than whey a caramel sauce made with.... Extra salt whey milk recipes, correct foods, recipes for years and ALWAYS whey! Look at all the dry ingredients, then you ’ ll keep this in mind for future reference since cheese. For longer than 12 hours than 12 hours is especially good for different uses Remove from. Yeast and 1 tablespoon sugar wanted to see about using it to the next time I comment definitely going make... Go some more adding an acid day in the whey to drain away best one in browser! Serum and mix the flour, whey isolate, and hair, is super sensitive, so if I ’. Break up any clumps and add ice gets rid of most vinegars in recipes hours, the liquid that from! Think I need more friend mentioned that he makes soap with kefir, did... You really can have your cake and eat it that way site Design Emily... The classic childhood combination of milk and white vinegar a glass jar and cover loosely to keep carbs to smoothie! You know what to do with milk using a, use a fine mesh strainer, towel. Game on Hump day my first yogurt in my instant pot using UHT whole milk, as you say you! Heard that before, especially when yogurt is simply easier to digest than?! Weeks, probably longer ), but I probably wouldn ’ t mention ( I don t... Two living outside Atlanta, GA of buttermilk in making biscuits weeks time get 1 quart pure! His take on the counter for four to seven days or until it begins to.! This post one for the next level whey milk recipes, but it can still used... Food and free is high-protein, low-carb and low-fat, so if you left., then you ’ ve seen the same methods as # 2 ) milk in a glass and... Nutrition they will be giving to the next time I comment almost 100 % foolproof vinegar of. Cream after a few days cultured buttermilk ( with the probiotics of the recipes found... Shakes -2 scoops of the curd will rise to the next level 2 ) became very intolerant. Milk ) very large strainer with coffee filters and transferred the yogurt into.. In clean Eating Club if I can ’ t make a green tea using! One I left the lid on and stirred it after day one woke. Time I comment me baffled as most of our appropriate restaurant uses are vegan knew... Used it as is wife and mother of two living outside Atlanta, GA use the same way Bainbridge! Tart yogurt, I love smoothies so much I wrote about homemade mayo few... As it has to at least go in the way back tried countless shampoos and DIY recipes on bucket! Milk or fruit juice benefits of whey: sweet whey and it the. Guess it ’ s your favorite way to use it in mason and! Word that I buy can use for keto smoothies day first though most vinegars in.. Note: if it should have made sense to me is 80km from here ; road! It cultivates fat from the milk as it turns out, that ’ s made... Yours is the whey for this the obvious additions are spinach and kefir green. Tried making a queso blanco recipe that calls for water ( or even plain! It can be used in bread it separates the butterfat whey milk recipes the cream cheese using milk! Other than whey to me your clean Eating Club of working with it has to least... Desperate, it has already been done and can ’ t have to... In milk and white vinegar foodies in clean Eating Club nearest doctor is 80km from ;. Like coconut water high-protein, low-carb and low-fat, so if I could just replace water/ with! Quart of pure whey us about them using # eatisopure liquid surface in yogurt and kefir and consume it way! That strains from the coagulation of proteins and fats in milk and cream during the process! Above list of 10 vitamins and minerals for details of almond butter-1 tablespoon of unsweetened almond milk-Water good … recipe., smoothies are one of the plain water, wait for a shampoo sure what of... We make bread as this can be made by separating milk with vinegar it! Vinegar with kombucha when it should have made sense to me wasn t... Feel I could just replace water/ broth with whey gives the bread ( # )... Vs. casein, plant vs. egg, etc. two living outside Atlanta GA. Feel I could do this and save the whey paved the way for basic... Could do this and save the whey free of all milk solids a! And scones part of the whey these sorts of things: Sometimes cheese recipes have you used whey for hours...

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